Sanpete County

150 MHz

*Boarding House

*VHF Radio Label: BORDPS
Dispatch Center: Price
Coverage: Western Carbon County, North West Emery County, Eastern Sanpete County, Fairview Canyon, Schofield Reservoir, upper section of Huntington Canyon, Skyline Drive.

*Horseshoe Ridge

*VHF Radio Label: HRSHPS
Dispatch Center: Richfield
Coverage: Sanpete County, Fairview, Fountain Green, Highway 89 towards Manti

*Monroe Peak DPS/SRS

Dispatch Center: Richfield
Coverage: Sevier, Piute and North Garfield Counties, West Wayne County, Richfield, Panquitch, Gunnison, Torrey, Bicknell, Loa, Southern Sanpete County.

800 MHz

No current conventional 800 Mhz sites.

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