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Region Talk Groups

Region Talkgroup Definition

Region talkgroups are system wide talkgroups that are allowed on every trunked site in the UCA system. Because there are multiple Zones in the system OmniLink Software is required in order to roam seamlessly from one Zone to another. If the radios have Omni Link they will talk from one end of the
system to the other (Nevada to Wyoming and Arizona to Idaho).

The purpose of the Region Talkgroups are

  • To provide a channel that all system users can use to contact public safety dispatch centers without needing local area talkgroups.
  • Transient Vehicle Communication whether the need is to talk back to the home Dispatch Center or to a Dispatch Center in another area. Transient, transportation and administrative units are strongly requested to use these channels as they travel the state, especially those traveling into the more rural areas where the channel capacity is significantly decreased.

The dispatch centers listed should monitor the local area Region Talkgroup, and route or pass information as appropriate. It is recommended that all dispatch agencies locate these six talkgroups in their console so they are easily accessible and monitor at their descretion.

Region Talkgroups are NOT intended to be incident or Event Talkgroups. If a Region Talkgroup was erroneously patched for incident use it would preclude the Talkgroup from being used for its intended purposes for the duration of the incident.

The exception to the no incident policy is;

  • A rapidly moving, short term incident that will, or is likely to involve multiple agencies, areas, and dispatch centers, such as, a pursuit that is going to, or likely to travel into multiple jurisdictions.

The region in which the incident starts determines which Region Talkgroup is used if it appears that the incident is going to cross county boundaries. As an Example; if the incident starts in Weber County, and it appears it is going to go south into Davis County the officers would switch to or be
patched to the North Region talkgroup and stay on that talkgroup even if the incident ended up two or three counties away. The dispatch centers and officers along the way would switch to the North Region and the whole incident would stay on that Talkgroup until resolved.


In boarder areas involving VHF users and 800 MHz users there will need to be protocols developed that will accommodate the users in that specific area. In many cases it will likely involve the use of the Omni Patch tiles that are available on dispatch consoles. If there is
questions regarding this please contact UCA.

If a dispatch center chooses to pass the control of this type of incident from one center to another as the dispatch jurisdiction changes, they can still continue to monitor the incident and track their officers.

The rational for using region talkgroups for stated purpose is;

  1. These talkgroups are normally quiet, low volume talkgroups.
  2. The relative ease of all 800 user officers involved being able to get to their region talkgroup. (Located in either Channel 1 or 16 of Zone/Bank #1)
  3. The wide area coverage these talkgroups provide.
  4. The availability of these talkgroups to all dispatch centers.