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Network Outage Reporting System (NORS)
Obtaining information on communications service disruptions is essential to the FCC's goal of ensuring the reliability and security of the nation's communications infrastructure. Accordingly, the FCC requires communications providers, including wireline, wireless, paging, cable, satellite VoIP and Signaling System 7 service providers to electronically report information about significant disruptions or outages to their communications systems that meet specified thresholds set forth in Part 4 of the FCC's rules (47 C.F.R. Part 4). Communications providers must also report information regarding communications disruptions affecting Enhanced 9-1-1 facilities and airports that meet the thresholds set forth in Part 4 of the FCC's rules. Given the sensitive nature of this data to both national security and commercial competitiveness, the outage data is presumed to be confidential.

NORS is the web-based filing system through which communications providers covered by the Part 4 reporting rules submit reports to the FCC. This system uses an electronic template to promote ease of reporting and encryption technology to ensure the security of the information filed. The Cybersecurity and Communications Reliability Division of the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau administers NORS, monitors the outage reports submitted through NORS and performs analyses and studies of the communications disruptions reported.

NORS 3.0 Login: https://www.fcc.gov/licensing-databases/fcc-user-login

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NORS 3.0 Password Reset: https://apps2.fcc.gov/fccUserReg/pages/reset-passwd-identify.htm

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