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The Utah Communications Authority (UCA) an Independent State Agency, formerly the Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN), was renamed by the 2014 Utah State Legislature's House Bill 155. UCA's responsibilities are:

  • Operation of the 800 and 150 MHz radio networks, the supporting infrastructures and maintenance operations.
  • Statewide Interoperability which serves to enhance and promote inter-operable and emergency communications at the State, regional, local and tribal levels.
  • Management of the 911 Program, which includes oversight of the 911 Committee, Vision for Next Gen 911, and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform development.
  • FIRSTNET Coordination, within the State of Utah, to establish a nationwide, high speed, wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety use.

The UCA governing Board is made up of representation from each county of the first and second class, the seven Associations of Government (AOG), the Native American Tribes, a member from each of the Utah Police, Utah Sheriff's and Utah Fire Chiefs associations, one representative appointed by the Utah National Guard, one representative of the State 911 committee, the Utah State Treasurer, and six other State representatives.

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Organizational Documents

pdfUCA By-Laws

pdf2015 - House Bill 343

pdf2015 - SB0237 Public Safety Amendments

pdf2014 House Bill 155

pdf2013 HB0172 - Communications Amendments

pdf2013 HB0388 - Communications Task Force

pdf1997 House Bill 187

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