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Grant Application Process

Please follow the following procedure when requesting a grant:

  1. PSAPs that intend to apply for a grant should submit a notification of Intent prior to the beginning of the calendar year for consideration in the next budget cycle (fiscal year). Notices of intent will receive priority over applications submitted after the beginning of the calendar year.
  2. Complete the Grant Request form.
  3. Send the completed form with vendor quotes attached to Melanie Crittenden at least 30 days before the next scheduled UCA Board Meeting.
  4. Have one original signed by your signatory authority.
  5. It is necessary to present the grant request to the committee either in person or on the conference bridge that is published on the agenda (if you are going to make the presentation remotely via the conference bridge, it is necessary to have the signed copies prior to the meeting time).
  6. If the grant request is approved without modification, the board chair will sign at that time.
  7. To receive grant money it will be required to submit a grant payment package consisting of the following elements:
  • An invoice from the sponsoring entity for actual cost not to exceed the amount of the approved grant.
  • A copy of the Grant Request Form.
  • Vendor quotes submitted when the grant request was made.
  • A copy of vendor invoices. The vendor invoice should contain a detailed description of equipment and or services provided.
  • Proof of payment for service such as an invoice marked paid in full or a canceled check.
  • The package may be sent via mail or email to Melanie Crittenden .