911 Division

Utah Communications Authoriy manages the 911 Program and the Vision for Next Generation 911.


It is the Mission of the State of Utah 9-1-1 Division to support the highest quality and most cost effective emergency 9-1-1 call delivery system to the citizens of Utah, its emergency responders, and all visitors to our State.


Our Vision includes meeting the challenges and changes necessary to embrace new technologies, consolidate resources, remain fiscally accountable, and support the adoption of industry accepted best standards by PSAPs throughout the State.

Text to 911

Call if you can, text if you can't! 

Check out the Text to 911 page to see if you can send a Text to 911 message in your area: http://uca911.org/911-division/text-to-911 


Our sister educational website that gives you information on:

When and when not to call 911.

Non emergency numbers in your area.