How We Started

House Bill 36 of the 2004 legislative session created the Utah 9-1-1 Committee. The bill was signed by the Governor on March 23, 2004. Utah Code, Section 53-10-601, directs the Utah 9-1-1 Committee to provide recommendations on technical, operational, and financial issues related to statewide Wireless E9-1-1 issues. A 13 cent per month fee on wireless and land-based phones was expanded to include VOIP phones in 2005. The amount collected per line was reduced to an 8 cent per month fee in 2007. The monies collected are administered under the direction of the State of Utah 9-1-1 Committee to ensure that all areas are served by Enhanced 9-1-1 and to implement Phase II wireless service.

Today, the vast majority of the state is served by Enhanced 9-1-1 and Phase II wireless service.

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